What Can It Be?

“What Can It Be?” is a game devised by the presenter that is designed to stimulate the imagination of the players. One of the players starts the game by imagining an object and naming one characteristic of that object. Each player, in turn, must imagine an object having the characteristics previously mentioned and name an additional characteristic. The complete rules of the game will be explained in the session, after which the attendees will be invited to play the game. A prize will be awarded to the winner.

Stanley Korn received a B.S. in physics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and did graduate work in physics and mathematics at the University of Maryland. He was employed by the Defense Department as a physicist, operations research analyst, and computer specialist; he has since retired. He is the former coordinator of the Metropolitan Washington Mensa Parapsychology SIG, a psychic reader, and an investigator of the paranormal. He is the author of three books, an inventor with four issued patents, and a Fellow of the ISPE, membership in which requires an IQ in the top 0.1%. Stanley has given presentations on a wide variety of subjects, all of which have incorporated his original ideas.


Shibari 101 – Workshop and introduction to Kinabku

Curious about the intricate – often erotic – use of rope to both adorn and bind? Whether the appeal is artistic or sensual, the intricate nature of the wraps and knots created by a bakushi (rigger) can mesmerize.

Join Susan and Peter for a workshop to explore the basics and discuss and demonstrate patterns and forms. B.Y.O.B (Bring Your Own Bunny) – you’re encouraged to bring a friend to try what you learn – or share what you already know!   Feel free to bring your own Asanawa, we may not have enough to go around 😉

Audience must be 21+.  Be prompt:  the door closes at 10pm.  If you leave the session, you cannot re-enter.


A Pantyripping Good Time!

Two of our favorite Mensans are making the trek down to Pandemic! and we’re super excited!

Lori Norris (a member of Rhode Island Mensa and current AMC First Vice Chair) will be running a session with Jason Seiler (our Regional Vice Chair for Region 2) called Meet the AMC.  Have a question about the AMC, Mensa or fun events; just ask… if she doesn’t have the answer they’ll try to find out later for you. Lori has two hobbies – Mensa and her husband Ron, a fellow M she met at an RG.

And speaking of….

Ron Norris has honed his bar tending skills by serving hundreds of mango margaritas at Cape Cod Mini RG, Albany’s RechaRGe, Connecticut’s MensAutumn and Boston’s Wicked Good RG, and we were lucky enough to have him serve all of MWM’s women (and a few of the men!) at Pandemic last year. He also tempts his wife and others with Strawberry Piña Coladas and various other imbibments.  Let’s see what he tempts us with in August! 🙂  We hear tell there might be chocolate martinis, pantyrippers, and a margarita bar.


Thrifty Wanderlust – How you can travel Europe and the World Frugally

You’re a Mensan, la creme de la creme, upper 2%. You test well. You are well read and well traveled, well … at least well read. Traveling is on your perpetual list of things to do. It’s just that you never seem to have the time, or the money, or the initiative. Let’s change that now.

Paulos has traveled to over 60 countries, most for pleasure. Travel does not have to be expensive or a major planning evolution. Come by and learn some tricks and tips for your next adventure. He promises that this will not be a photo slide show of his past adventures (He hates those. That’s what FaceBook is for 🙂 ). This will be packed discussion about *your* next excursion.

Let’s add that well-traveled descriptor to you!


“Paulos” A.M. Paulos whetted his appetite for international travels as a sailor in the Navy, then later as a soldier. He typically takes at least 3 vacations yearly, of those one usually entails “hopping the pond” (trans-oceanic). Paulos works as a government contractor, and has lived in the DC area since university (when not living abroad). He is a member of Metropolitan Washington Mensa, and currently serves on its Executive Committee in the capacity of Programs Officer.

Drink, Eat, Flush and Trash!

How does dirty river water become drinking water, what happens to the stuff you flush and drain into your own sewer, and how about the waste you get rid of in your trash and recycle bins.  Can any of this stuff really be re-used?


Charles Brunner, a life member of MENSA, is an environmental engineer who has written over a dozen widely used text books on waste disposal and has been consulting with governments, industries and institutional clients on this subject since the 1960s.  He gives seminars and short courses throughout the world based on his books. He has engineering degrees from CCNY and Penn State.  He started off at the Bronx High School of Science where currently he and his wife sponsor the annual BRUNNER AWARDS for deserving students.

The Care & Feeding of Undercover Agents

An Undercover Operation (UCO) is a particularly sensitive and complicated investigative technique. It is equally effective in criminal investigations and counterintelligence/ counterterrorism operations. Much has been written about Undercover (UC) work  and it is widely covered on television shows and in popular movies. In this presentation, hear how UCOs are run but most importantly learn about the inherent stressors involved in them. The human costs are discussed, in detail. Real examples from actual cases, properly sanitized for security purposes, poignantly illustrate the true cost of UC work.


Supervisory Special Agent Donald C. Sheehan coordinated  the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Undercover (UC) activities in New Jersey from 1992 to 1995. In 1997 he was named Special Advisor to the FBI’s National Undercover Safeguard Program. In supporting the  FBI’s Undercover Safeguard Program, Don was able to draw on his previous experience as a special agent/counterintelligence officer in the United States Marine Corps as well as his expertise in psychological testing derived from his former capacity as a school psychologist certified by the state of Maryland. He lectured on UC stress during his ten years as an Adjunct Faculty member of the University of Virginia and twelve years at Nova Southeastern University as an educational consultant and Adjunct Professor of Psychology.

Particle Pandemonium: Leaving the Angry Planet….to face the Angry Cosmos.

Lots of thought and work are heading towards leaving a planet that is becoming over-populated and uninhabitable, towards leaving the old planet behind in order to learn to survive on a new world. The cosmos is not particularly welcoming to these uninvited guests, though, especially in the mere forms that are known and expected. While there are some blanket environmental concerns with regards to living in space or on another planet, such as the presence or absence of oxygen and/or water, cosmic radiation is an issue that is beginning to show an increasing level of prominence due to its ceaseless and, as of yet, “un-fixable” nature.

There are many major questions that can be asked with regards to the incoming bombardments. How may settlers defend against them? Just what dangers do these particles invoke? Join us as we dive into the research of a lab at Georgetown University, which aims to answer all of these questions and more, in her session:

“First Contact: Imminent Collision in Vivo. Particle Physics and NASA NSCOR project work at Georgetown University”


Cioli Barazandeh received her Associate’s and Bachelor’s of Science in Space Studies from American Military University at the ages of 12 and 13, and her MS in Space Systems from Florida Tech at 15.  She is currently an Aero/Astro Engineering graduate student at Purdue University, while working and learning with NASA Goddard’s Attitude Control Systems Engineering group with ASRC, Dr. Fornace’s biomedical group at Georgetown University, and OASIS, an oceanography-related contractor. Additionally, she studies Asian and other languages and cultures, including for example Chinese, Japanese and Russian. For the future she intends to achieve at least one doctorate in Aero/Astro Engineering and to continue with language and cultural studies in order to improve STEM resources, understanding, and relations globally.



Lock Picking 101

And now for some actual valuable life skills 😉

We use locks to protect all the valuable stuff in our lives, but how secure are those locks? You probably don’t want to know! In this session we will look at the locks we use every day. Then we will learn the many different ways to open those locks without a key.


There is little you can say about Timmy King that hasn’t already been said in a multitude of restraining orders. Perhaps Pope Francis said it best, “Timmy is a cross between Oscar Wilde and Neil Armstrong. Though he lacks in social skills and common sense, he more than makes up for it in his unfounded belief in his own self worth. Watching his presentations is like reading the combined works of an infinite number of monkeys typing randomly for an infinite period of time.”

Finding the Balance Within (Become a Real Life Wizard)

A fun and interactive workshop of magic and rock balancing.  Join River in this empowering and meditative experience that will boost your confidence, teach your persistence and cultivate patience.


River Barry has been immersed in the entertainment world for over twenty years. One of the most original and in-demand acts out there, River’s style of entertainment emphasizes moving beyond the present moment to help find an equal balance between self and nature, allowing the individual’s movement to be inspired by the moment.

A magician, a dancer, and rock balancing artist, River is committed to sharing the expression of the four foundational pillars of physical, mental, spiritual and financial. He has appeared as himself on A&E Biography’s Halloween Show. River has studied with master magicians Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger. As a performing artist of magic and dance, he is committed to the expansion of personal development and finding the power within. His love for people and uncanny ability to understand their behavior has resulted in the most unbelievable magic act and the ONLY one of its kind in the world.

Wildfire Risk: Yes, you can do something about it!

Wildfire seems like a growing threat across the country, not just in forests anymore. Hundreds of thousands of acres burn every year, frequently threatening (and often destroying) homes, cars, and other personal property. What can you do to protect your investment and family? How can you give your house the best chance of survival in case of a wildfire? Come learn about increased wildfire risk characteristics, defensible space, and minor home improvements to help protect your property from wildfire!

Jennifer Morris has worked in the natural disaster field for seven years. Most recently, her work as the Senior Intelligence Analyst focuses on assessing potential threats to homeowners due to hurricanes and wildfires. Prior to her current projects, she worked as a GIS Analyst for FEMA. She lives in San Diego, CA, enjoys hiking and discovering new breweries, and fosters kittens.

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